Ramappa Temple

                                    Ramappa Temple


Ramappa Temple: Hi guys today we will explain about Ramappa Temple and this temple is wonderful construction by Kakatiya Architechtures. Friends Ramappa Temple is located in village Palampeta mdl Venkatapur it is far away from Warangal by approximately 77 km. the Ramappa temple is a beautiful tourist place in Telangana. friends this trip is a wonderful experience in my life if you are interested in please visit Ramappa Temple.

History of Ramappa:

Friends Ramappa Is an old and one of the historical places in Telangana and it is built in 1213AD. and it was built by a General Racharla Rudra during the period of Kakathiya king Ganapathi Deva. the Ramappa temple used to build material is reddish Sandstone and the roof of the temple is built with bricks and this material is so lightweight and they are able to float on water.

    The temple structure looks like a star and the temple architecture designers 1.ramappa and 2.bhumija. the Ramappa temple is known as Ramalingeshwara temple in this temple lord shiva is worshipped at the entrance of the temple you can find a Nandi statue which is facing the shine of lord shiva. this temple is it stands majestically on 6 feets hight stood shaped platform.

   The Ramappa temple age is 803 years and it took 40 years to build the temple and started period is 1173 to 1213AD. the temple mystery is sunlight is reflected in god at sunrise to sunset. so friends this is short bio of Ramappa Temple and i will suggest you please visit this place and enjoy the travelling.

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