Kaleshwaram Temple


Kaleshwaram: Hello friends Kaleshwaram is one of the famous temples in Telangana today we are explaining about Kaleshwara Muktheshwara Swamy temple in our trip advisorg website. Friends Kaleshwaram temple located at Kaleshwaram village Mahadevpur Mondal Jayashankar Bhupalpally district. Kaleshwaram temple built by Rudradeva in 1140Ad. Vellanki Gangadhar is developed this temple. and the temple has two shiva lingas. the first one is Kaleshwara and the second one is Muktheshwara. the people called Dakshina Kasi and the Muktheshwara lingam has two holes. near of this temple Thriveni sangamam has there Thriveni sangamam means the three rivers closed to move this place and it is called Thriveni sangamam The three rivers names is Godavari, Ganga and Saraswathi.

  Friends there was a one of the mistory kaleshwara is lord shiva and Muktheshwara is Yama the two gods is stay on the same distance and same place the people visit the temple four sides the four sides four nandis are there and the left side of the temple god Surya is placed and right side goddess Saraswathi is there. this is the only temple where one can find two lingas in garbha griha. and who the people prayers at the temple will be relieved from the birth cycle and attains salvation. the people who are bath Triveni Sangamam Sins and curses will be removed.

Friends this is the most powerful temple in India so please visit these temples and enjoy this trip.

How Can Reach The Kaleshwaram

By Train

To visit this temple The nearest railway stations is Warangal, Khazipet, Ramagundam, and Peddapalli

By Buss

The so many busses from Hyderabad and every 30 mins. and this temple is 214 Km far away from Hyderabad.
Hanamkonda to 104km and Warangal to 105km