Bhadrakali Temple

    Bhadrakali Temple: Hello Friends today we are explaining about Bhadrakali temple on our          website. friends the Bhadra kali temple is one of the oldest temple in Warangal it is one of the        mesmerizing architecture Technic in Kakatiyas. and this temple is 1000 years old and it is built in      625AD by king second Pulakesi of Chalukya dynasty. the temple had goddess Bhadrakali Ammavaru the right side of goddess lion is placed it is called Ammavari Vahanam. The total temple builted meterial is stone and temple beside one of the lake here and it is built by Ganapathi Deva the lake name is Bhadrakali Lake.                                                           
                                             This temple is a famous temple in Warangal. and it is placed beside the main road of Warangal only two km distance of Warangal bus stand and railway station.
and I will suggest you please visit this temple and it is one of the most important trip in your life. friends, I request you if you want any information about
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